Masala Chicken Recipe

A flavourful and easy chicken recipe, perfect for occasions like dinner party with friends or a get together with family on festivals like Eid or Diwali.

Masala Chicken is a traditional non-vegetarian recipe, which is a delectable blend of aromatic spices and tender chicken. This North Indian chicken recipe is perfect for special occasions and can be served with rice, butter naan or chapati. Here’s how you can make this non-vegetarian recipe at home using some easily available ingredients in your kitchen: Ginger, garlic, cumin powder, peppercorns, minced tomatoes, sliced onions, chilli powder, grated coconut, poppy seeds and last but not the least finely cut chicken chunks. You can prepare this delicious chicken recipe in five simple steps given below. Besides, you can add your own twist to this interesting chicken recipe. If you like it more rich and creamy, you can cook this main dish recipe using ghee and garnish it with some fresh cream. This will surely add on to the taste of this traditional dish. If you have sudden guests dropping by and you don’t have much time to prepare something exotic, then this delicious yet simple recipe can be your savior! You just need all the ingredients in place to make this super delicious chicken dish. If you want to make it more delicious use ghee to make this spicy and indulgent delight!

Masala Chicken Recipe

Chicken Masala Recipe



A flavourful and easy chicken recipe, perfect for occasions like dinner party with friends or a get together with family on festivals like Eid or Diwali.

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Masala Chicken Recipe
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 6 reviews
by Priscilla says on Masala Chicken Recipe

I’m so happy I found this awesome recipe! So thrilled with how it turned out. First time ever making chicken tikka masala and couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you for this awesome recipe, keeper for sure.

by Vladimir says on Masala Chicken Recipe

One of the very very rare occasions you like a recipe from the first try. Extremely balanced and delicious, nothing to add, nothing to exclude (well, I substituted the cilantro with parsley, cilantro is not my green). Thank you, congratulations, Karine.

by Sandra says on Masala Chicken Recipe

OMG!!! Where do I start?! This recipe was not only so easy but so ridiculously tasty. First time trying an indian recipe and no doubt I will make this again. Recipe is very easy to follow and I do love your step by step suggestions. The house smelled amazing too 🙂 I highly recommend this recipe 6 stars if I could. MAKE IT NOW. SOOOOO GOOOD.

by Tuyen says on Masala Chicken Recipe

Just made this! It was soo good and flavorful. I made it following the recipe exactly. It was perfect. Thank you for sharing!!

by Fiona Macandrew says on Masala Chicken Recipe

Thank you so much. Amazing recipe. Best one I have found online for this curry. I made a couple of swaps as I didn’t have everything but it was still amazing. The swaps were (incase it helps anyone):
I marinated the chicken in coconut milk
I used cayenne pepper instead of kashmir chilli
I used tin chopped tomatoes instead of Pasta
I used 3/4 coconut milk and 1/4 cream for the sauce
And lastly I used honey instead of sugar.
It still tasted restaurant standard perfect!

by Peter says on Masala Chicken Recipe

Really great and simple recipe – I put a glug of ground almonds in at the end to thicken the consistency which worked well. We like spice too, so two red chillis (deseeded and without pith) and a couple of teaspoons of chilli flakes brought this up to scratch. The batch frying does require a little patience, especially if you use more chicken than advertised.

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