Swedish Meatballs Recipe

Authentic Swedish Meatballs Recipe Normally Cook in 10 minutes for 8 persons servings

Swedish Meatballs Recipe in cropkpot is very easy to make meatballs full of falvour. Floating in the most delicious sour cream, classic meatballs with noodles also the best recipe without sour. The amazing taste is better then ikea Swedish meatballs. some asian also serve it with Egg and Chapati known as pounded meat. !

Swedish Meatballs Recipe

About Meatball

The meatball is a mysterious staple in food history. As no one really knows where and how the first meatball originated. The most commonly accepted theory is that meatballs “Swedish Meatballs Recipe” come from Persia. In Persia, there is a food know as “Kofta” which has many variations of preparation but essentially means, “pounded meat”. No one know from its shape origination. Some of the earliest records of meatballs from different countries.It seems everyone know how to cook meatballs their own version but the dish is same. Currently, there are millions way to make meatballs and enjoy lot which differ region to region.

The most suitable serving with sour along noodles. some other preferring grill, baking or different cooking techniques. The Meatballs are famous by its multiple variety represents in home along with family. meatballs are affordable and  easy to cook. specially,  American present under Italian dish with ground Meat.

Swedish Meatballs



This is the BEST Swedish Meatballs Recipe A genuine recipe from a Swedish grandmother with a little twist!

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Swedish Meatballs Recipe
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 6 reviews
by Caitlin Tucker says on Swedish Meatballs Recipe

Delish I recommend this recipe to people who want to have a nice family meal
I made them with turkey mince and served them with mash and cauliflower.Best meal I have ever had

by Christy says on Swedish Meatballs Recipe

I just made this and omg it’s so goood! The sauce I want to slurp and the meatballs are so flavorful even alone! My family loved it and I even froze some meatballs for school lunch or another day. I don’t usually comment but just wanted to say to all those who want something different with ground beef to try this out! Thanks!!

by Marcia Mulder says on Swedish Meatballs Recipe

I love this recipe and they were amazing! I used 1 pound ground Turkey and 1 pound ground beef and trust me it may seem a strange combo but omg so good! I also used beef broth instead of vegetable. I will be repeating this one for sure as our family loves them.

by Alyshia says on Swedish Meatballs Recipe

Omg!! So delicious! I didn’t use the pork in my recipe, opting for strictly ground beef, I also removed the onions but it was still SOOO delicious!! I froze my meatballs for 30-45 min before searing them and boy was it yummy. Please thank your grandma for me. Delicious recipe. 5-stars for sure, my belly is full tonight. ♥️

by Donna says on Swedish Meatballs Recipe

I made these for my finicky 19-year-old. It was my first time making Swedish meatballs. On his first bite, his eyes got so big, and he smiled and said, “This tastes like a mother’s love.” I would say it was a success. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

by Zulma Torres says on Swedish Meatballs Recipe

All I have to say is that these meatballs and gravy are absolutely delicious!! I make them with your mashed potatoes recipe and a side of asparagus. My family loves it!! Thank you for sharing your amazing recipes!!!

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